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Records add to cart event for a product featured in the search results. 

This API should be used only when Find is the only product being used on the site. If Recommend or Discover is already in place or there are plans to install those products as well, then please refer to Add to Cart Page for the add to cart integration. Please refer to the Integration with Find section on that page.


Note:  All paramets are case sensitive.

Name Data Type Required or Optional Description


String Required

The search term that was used.

Example: query=shoes

lang String Required The language of the search.  Examples: "en", "fr", "jp".
productId String Required The product id of the item being added to the cart.
page Number Required Page number where the product was displayed on the search result view.
searchConfigId String Required Config id returned by the search api
userId String Optional

User ID. A unique string to identify each shopper (user). All shopper behavior is stored using this key. It is case-sensitive, and should be the same user ID sent to RichRelevance in other applications.

sessionId String Required

Identifies a single visit by a shopper.  Sessions are used by behavioral models (to scope user behaviour in a shopping session) and reporting metrics.

Example: sessionId=93484

channelId String Optional A channel is a description of the caller of this API.  It's mostly used to describe whether this API is being used in an Android app or a Call center app.
region String Optional Region Identifier
rcs String Optional First party cookie string. This is a encrypted value of richrelevance cookies. It should be passed as it was received in the earlier api response.

Example Request<APIKEY>?query=t&lang=en&user=u1234&session=s1234&channel=ch1234&region=reg1234&page=0&productId=10308694&searchConfigId=1234


Response code Description

203 accepted

Returned when request is processed successfully
403 forbidden Returned when find is not correctly setup for a site or the site api key is incorrect.