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Tracking Views, Clicks, and Purchases

To provide the best personalized content and reporting, the Relevance Cloud needs to have a thorough understanding of shopper behavior on your site. Accurately recording each shopper’s views, clicks, and purchases is a key step in giving the Relevance Cloud the information it needs.

View Tracking

When shoppers views pages on your site, their actions teach the RichRelevance system about their interests and habits.

How It Works

For JavaScript integration, add the core instrumentation to your site’s pages, even if you don’t plan to show personalized content on those pages.

Purchase Tracking

Shopper purchase data gives the RichRelevance system important insight into each shopper’s preferences and forms the basis for calculating attributables, purchases that directly followed a recommendation on the site.

How it Works

Track onsite purchases through instrumentation or API calls on the purchase complete page. For client-side implementation, follow the directions in Purchase Complete Page (HTML) or Purchase Complete Page (JSON). For server-side implementations, use recsForPlacements.

Click Tracking

Any time a shopper clicks a recommended product link, the Relevance Cloud learns about the shopper’s interests and preferences.

How It Works

Use the click-through links provided with each recommendation response when you display recommended products. The click-through URL calls the RichRelevance system, which records the click event and then forwards the shopper to the product detail page for the item they clicked.

In API calls: To report clicks back to the Relevance Cloud, simply execute the clickURL that is passed back. In a server-side native app integration, you can asynchronously make this call and not follow the link. The click-through URL is provided with each recommendation.